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Between 1 and 301
Results of the search
Absolute Boots  (B grade)-Feet45
Absolute Helm  (B grade)-Head62
Absolute Shield  (B grade)-Left hand230
Academy Circlet  -Face-
Ace's Boots  (B grade)-Feet44
Ace's Helmet  (B grade)-Head67
Ace's Leather Armor  (B grade)LightChest and legs225
Ace's Shield  (B grade)-Left hand230
Adamantite Boots  (C grade)-Feet39
Alex's Dagger  -Gloves9
Ancient Cloak  (C grade)-Belt15
Angel Halo  -Head-
Antharas Slayer Circlet  -Face-
Apella Boots  (A grade)-Feet46
Apella Brigandine  (A grade)LightChest and legs209
Apella Doublet  (A grade)MagicChest and legs139
Apella Gauntlet  (A grade)-Gloves46
Apella Helm  (A grade)-Head69
Apella Leather Gloves  (A grade)-Gloves46
Apella Plate Armor  (A grade)HeavyChest and legs278
Apella Sandals  (A grade)-Feet46
Apella Silk Gloves  (A grade)-Gloves46
Apella Solleret  (A grade)-Feet46
Apprentice's Shoes  -Feet8
Apprentice's Stockings  MagicLegs10
Apprentice's Tunic  MagicChest17
Armet  (B grade)-Head62
Armor of Nightmare  (A grade)HeavyChest and legs293
Armor of Victory  (B grade)HeavyChest175
Art of Boots  (B grade)-Feet41
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